Jackie's First Interracial, First Creampie

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'I bet you haven't seen a 60-year-old who dresses this nasty, have you?' Jackie asks at the start of this video. Well, actually, we have, right here at 60PlusMILFs.com, but more sluttily dressed, nasty fucking 60somethings are always welcome. 'I'm a very naughty girl and loving every second of it,' she says. 'Would you like to see my ass?' Well, yeah. Sure! So Jackie gets on her hands and knees and slaps her big ass. Very nice. Very firm. 'Would you like to spank it?' Jackie says. 'I bet you would. And these titties…I know you love these titties. They're bad-ass titties!' And then, 'I need a big, black cock.' The woman definitely knows how to cut to the chase. Jackie summons Lucas, who rubs her pussy and sucks her tits, then Jackie sucks Lucas's cock, then he fucks her hard, so hard that at times, Jackie seems like she's about to pass out, and finally, he blows his load deep inside her pussy. How do we know that he blew his load deep inside her pussy? Because not a lot seeps out–it's buried way inside her cunt channel, lost forever in her slut body–but Jackie manages to squeeze out some cum, then she dips a finger inside and finds some more. And a good time was had by all.

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