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Health Club Attendants get all the good, old pussy

Featuring Jacqueline Jolie
Date April 5th, 2012
Duration 19:43
This kind of thing happens all the time: A guy is working in a health club. Thinking there's nobody in the women's locker room, he goes inside to make sure there are enough towels. But, sure enough, there is somebody in there."What are you doing in the girls' locker room?" 63-year-old Jacqueline says."I didn't hear anybody in here," Juan says."You're not gonna be here when I shower, are you?" Jacqueline asks."I'm leaving," Juan says. He seems really bent out of shape. Is he going to get fired for this obvious breach of health-club etiquette? "Well, that's too bad," Jacqueline says, "because I could really use you to wash my back." Wash her back? Then why is Jacqueline stroking his cock through his pants? What's that all about? "I want to fuck you right on this bench," Jacqueline says.Hey, what happened to the shower? Hey, that can come later. Jacqueline's gonna have to wash the cum off her face eventually.

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January 19, 2013
she has a phat ass
January 06, 2013
Wow love her.........very nice
September 04, 2012
i likes it i would like to see lucas and juan fuck her in the pool dp
May 08, 2012
I love Jacqueline Jolie one of my new favorites i want to see more of her love her.
April 09, 2012
April 06, 2012
To every member of 60 Plus: Please,please make a comment to
get rid of Jaun and replace him with a dildo. You can not
tell me that he is the only man that will do a scene with
the hot models?
Locker room scenes do nothing for me move it to a better setting and put Jackie in heels and hose.

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