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A Creampie For The 60-Year-Old
Featuring: Julia Butt
August 11th, 2011
It's true that with a name like Julia Butt, a woman has to have anal sex. But this scene isn't about anal sex. It's about a guy who's 40 years younger than Julia (she recently turned 60) cumming in her pussy. Yeah, a creampie for Julia, and it's a good one. When the action is over and the guy has shot his load deep, the camera zeroes in as Julia spreads her just-fucked cunt. We can see the cum pooling around inside. Julia inserts two fingers in the hopes of fishing out some cum, and she succeeds, letting it drip down onto Ivan's balls.

Julia is a naughty, nasty woman who loves to fuck and talk about it. And speaking of Julia getting fucked, the next time we see Julia in action, she's going to be having an anal three-way with two studs. Yep, two guys are going to fuck this 60-year-old's ass. Another good reason to stick around.

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03/27/2013 8:19pm
Hot stuff! 40 year difference in age. Julia goes after that young cock. No stopping her from making him cum. Where is she. Really guys! It's time to get her back. Do you guy's read these messages?
10/07/2012 12:27pm
Hot Julia taking a young boy's cock. Gotta love it. About tome for more Julia!
09/08/2012 7:41pm
Julia's one SEXY milf. Get her on a young cock real soon. It's been way to long.
09/07/2012 7:30pm
Hot video! Julia with a guy 40 years younger than her. Dosen't matter how old, just give her a cock, and she'll take care of the rest. What happened to her? Where is she?
07/29/2012 3:49pm
Julia's my favorite MILF. Awsome to see her in stockings and with young guys. Nice scene. Hook her up with Johnny Champ.
03/02/2012 3:55pm
10 Points...i´m speechless

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