Look What Bea Brought Home From The Mall!

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So Mr. Cummins is sitting at home, reading the daily gazette, when his 67-year-old wife, Bea, comes home with a new friend in tow. Hey, look, it's Lucas Stone! 'Honey, look what I found!' Bea says, looking very sexy with her cleavage and long legs in a little purple dress. 'Look what I brought home from the mall?' 'Who's this?' Mr. Cummins says, looking up from his paper, sounding kinda curmudgeonly but, hey, can you blame him? 'This is my friend Lucas,' Bea says. 'Isn't he sexy?' 'Sexy?' Mr. Cummins says. 'Whaddya mean sexy? He could be about half your age?' 'I know,' Bea says. 'Isn't it great?' 'Great?' Mr. Cummins says as his wife drops to her knees in front of Lucas. 'What are you doing?' 'I think I'm gonna suck his big cock?' 'Big cock? Bea, what are you doing?' Now, in this situation, most husbands would flip out. As for Mr. Cummins (who, by the way, is Bea's real-life hubby), he doesn't seem to know quite how to react. Sit there and watch? Help out? Eventually, he sits down and takes his cock out, and what does Bea do? She sucks her hubby's cock while Lucas has his way with her pussy. And, gentlemen and ladies, that is the key to a happy marriage.

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