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'I'm so horny right now,' Bea Cummins says as she squeezes her big tits together. 'Just look at how I'm dressed. I just need two hard cocks.' That shouldn't be any problem at all, Bea. If you're wondering, members, Bea is wearing a fishnet bodystocking that her nipples poke right through and black fuck-me pumps. 'I love to play with my tits. I am so hot and I am so horny. I just...' She can't complete the thought. 'I need some cock. I'm normally a very classy, elegant woman, but not today. Baby, I need me some cock. Two big cocks!' The guys show up. Bea has a conundrum. 'Now which one am I going to suck on first?' she asks, but it doesn't really matter. She's going to give plenty of attention to both cocks. And they're both going to get to fuck her always-shaved pussy, and they're all going to get to cum on Bea's beautiful face. Okay, Bea. You can go back to being classy now.

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