Bea’s anal therapy

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In the opening photos, Bea Cummins is sitting in a chair, dressed classily in a business suit: a conservative, button-down top and a respectable-length skirt. She's a therapist, and the guy is her patient. But before you know it, 70-year-old Bea's big tits come out and she has her mouth wrapped around the guy's cock. Isn't this the way it always happens in a Bea scene? She starts off so classy, then she reveals her inner-naughty self. Oh, yeah, she gets ass-fucked, too. Check out photo No. 58, which might the hottest Bea photo ever: She's looking into the camera while she rides the guy reverse-cowgirl. His hard cock is jammed deep inside her butthole, her pussy lips are thick and meaty and naturally parted. You can look right into Bea's pussy-or her eyes-while she's getting her ass jammed with dick meat. Then, for the grand finale, the cock that just fucked her ass cums on her smiling face. Bravo, Bea! This is Bea's second anal scene. As you'll recall, she celebrated her 70th birthday by getting ass-fucked by two guys. This time, just one, but who's counting. The scene is super-hot because Bea is super-hot. You know what's funny? No matter how many times we see Bea doing these naughty, raunchy things (this is her 11th hardcore scene at, we're always a little surprised when she does them again. But just a little.

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