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Bea's anal therapy
Featuring: Bea Cummins
September 3rd, 2013
In the opening photos, Bea Cummins is sitting in a chair, dressed classily in a business suit: a conservative, button-down top and a respectable-length skirt. She's a therapist, and the guy is her patient. But before you know it, 70-year-old Bea's big tits come out and she has her mouth wrapped around the guy's cock. Isn't this the way it always happens in a Bea scene? She starts off so classy, then she reveals her inner-naughty self. Oh, yeah, she gets ass-fucked, too. Check out photo No. 58, which might the hottest Bea photo ever: She's looking into the camera while she rides the guy reverse-cowgirl. His hard cock is jammed deep inside her butthole, her pussy lips are thick and meaty and naturally parted. You can look right into Bea's pussy-or her eyes-while she's getting her ass jammed with dick meat. Then, for the grand finale, the cock that just fucked her ass cums on her smiling face.

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12/22/2013 3:16pm
I love to fuck her ass and cum in it.
09/04/2013 1:49pm
Just ain't none hotter that Bea Cummins. Hottiest hottie on the internet. Yummy luv that pussy of hers, plain gorgeous!
09/03/2013 4:05pm
Great scene! Now if you can just get Georgette Parks to do an anal scene the world would be a much better place!

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