Ass-fucked devil with a blue dress

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Jeannie Lou , who is 62 and turns 63 on April 12, is back for more! Yep, one of our favorites, a white-haired lady who, the last time she visited, got creampied by a BBC and ass-fucked by another one of our studs, has made a happy return. She's very happy about it. 'Whenever I'm going to get fucked, I'm happy,' Jeannie Lou said. Jeannie Lou gets fucked a lot, at least four times a week, often more. Just to refresh your memory, Jeannie Lou is a divorcee from Fort Lauderdale by way of Minnesota. She once told us, 'I like a little spanking, light bondage and big, black cock gang bangs. I once had sex in the back of my friend's semi-truck while the mechanics were working on the engine.' We don't know how that happened without alerting the mechanics because as you'll discover in the video version of this scene, Jeannie Lou gets loud when she fucks. Actually, her body vibrates when she's cumming, which seems to be all the time. Here, Jeannie Lou is looking classy in a blue cocktail dress, but she's wearing crotchless panties, and what she really wants is a cock in her ass. Tony delivers. How could he resist?

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