Black Cock For Jewel? Make It A Double!

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When Jewel did a three-way scene with Bea Cummins and a guy, she said, 'I think the thing that appeals to our fans is the classiness that we have, the sensuality that we express.' Well, to us (and to her many fans), Jewel will always be classy and sensual. But in this scene, the 63-year-old wife/mother/grandmother gets downright raunchy with the two Stones, Lucas and Asante. The setup? Well, the setup is that Jewel wants two big, hard, black cocks to fuck, and she gets them. The climax? Two sloppy loads all over Jewel 's pretty face. 'I've been called a slut,' Jewel said, 'and I got upset because I thought the guy was demeaning me, but the gentleman explained, ‘No, that's not it at all. You are the most classy slut.' They love the connotation of slut, but they wouldn't want a slut unless it's their personal slut.' A three-way…is that personal?

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