One For The Bucket List

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Joanne Price is special. Very special. You see, often when a 60plus MILF walks into our studio for the first time and fucks on-camera, she's either a nudist or a swinger. Joanne is neither. Often she's a divorcee on the prowl. Joanne is happily married. She's 64 years old. And until now, she hadn't had sex with anyone but her husband for 48 years. Forty-eight years! In fact, the stud in this scene is only the third man she's had sex with IN HER ENTIRE LIFE! How'd she get here? 'My husband and I have read your magazines for many years,' she told us, referring to Volutpuous (as you're about to see, Joanne has big tits) and 40Something. 'We saw the ad for models and decided to send in my pictures.' We jumped at the opportunity to shoot this real MILF and GILF (she's a mother and grandmother) who, as she said, wanted to scratch one more item off her bucket list. Glad we were the ones, Joanne. Joanne was born in Iowa and lives in a very small town in Illinois, the kind of place where tongues would wag if people found out about this. She has DD-cup tits. She enjoys bowling and watching sprint car racing. She was as excited as any woman we've ever seen about fucking on-camera. Yeah, it's been a long time since Joanne has fucked anyone but her husband. But she definitely knows her way around a cock.

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