Joanne Price is right!

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When Joanne Price walked into our studio for the first time, she hadn't had sex with anybody but her husband for 48 years. She'd had sex with only two men in her entire life. Well, first, Joanne fucked Juan. And now, Joanne is fucking Sergio. So do the math: Half of the guys Joanne has had sex with in her 64 years are studs. 'I feel like such a wild woman!' Joanne said. 'I used to only have two. Now I have four!' And will the people back home in her tiny town in Illinois find out? 'I live in a small town where everybody knows each other's business,' Joanne said. 'They're a little backwards. They're old-fashioned. They don't display themselves out in public. If you go out half-uncovered, they'll think you're crazy. If you wear something too revealing, they'll think, 'She's terrible.'' Hmmmm...fucked by a stranger for all the world to see and ending up with her face covered in cum. We don't know about the people back home in Illinois, but we think Joanne is great.

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