A creampie with your Merlot

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Looking sexy, ready and horny, 71-year-old Katherine Merlot returns to 60PlusMILFs.com for more cock. Her partner is 33-year-old Tony, and she leaves no doubt as to what she wants. She's not interested in his designs. She's interested in his cock, and she spreads her legs invitingly and tugs down on her top as he tries to maintain his composure. But composure isn't easy to maintain when Ms. Merlot is around. Before long, he's sucking on her tits, and she's sucking on his cock, and then he's having his way with her pussy and turning it into a creampie. Classy, sexy and raunchy is not a combination that comes easy to most women, but it does for Katherine. She has been an escort for 30 years, giving her lots of time to refine the balance between elegance and slutiness. Even though she would have scoffed at the idea of being an escort and porn star in her younger years, Katherine says she was always a very sexual person. 'I've been married twice, and I always had a great sex life. Sex every day. But I still never would have imagined that my life would end up like this. I'm happy it did. It just goes to show you, never say never!' Katherine's sexual nature is all too obvious once she starts fucking. Filthy things come out of her mouth, like, 'You like that 71-year-old pussy? Fuck me with that nice, hard, young cock! Fuck that nice, hot, juicy cunt!' Hey, a woman can't be classy all the time. What fun would that be? 'Men love to cum inside of me,' she said. 'I made sure to squeeze Tony's cock nice and tight while we were fucking. He has the perfect size cock for my pussy. It fit perfectly and felt great fucking me. So I wanted him deep inside the moment he was cumming. I wanted to feel his cock quiver with every spurt he let out.' Katherine got her wish, and her old cunt squeezed out quite a load of cum. Now, is that classy, sexy or raunchy?

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