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As you watch Lin reveal her big tits (they're DD-cups) and suck cock and get her 65-year-old pussy fucked and creamed, you might like to know that Lin is a paralegal back home in Arizona, and her hobbies include reading, horse rescue and photography. Sure, she's a swinger, but by day, she strikes a conservative pose, and the people she works with would be shocked to see her here, doing the things she's doing. 'That's part of what makes this so exciting,' Lin said. 'Of course, the people I work with don't know that I have a pierced pussy and fuck strangers. They'd faint if they ever knew!' One person who definitely does know is Jacqueline Jolie, who Lin brought to We asked who's hornier, Lin or Jacqueline, and Jacqueline said, 'Lin's probably more out there than I am. I'm more conservative, but we both love to fuck.' Added Lin, 'I think the contradiction of what a woman seems to be and what she actually is can make her very exciting. I can be a very horny slut, and I'm glad to show it!'

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