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Luna's Double Dark Chocolate Birthday Surprise

Featuring: Luna Azul, Lucas Stone, and Piper Slaye
Date: June 7th, 2011
Photos: 46
Luna Azul, one of our favorite MILFs, turned 60 on May 18th, and wouldn't you know it, we missed her birthday. Hey, we're guys, and you know how guys can be. Too busy jacking to Luna's photos to notice her date of birth in the Model Directory. So, to make it up to Luna, and to keep us from feeling like such deadbeats, we invited this sexy Mexican-American back to our studio to celebrate belatedly. And what did we get her for her birthday? "Two black studs! Just what I always wanted," this sexy, divorcee with the pierced nippled and pierced pussy exclaimed. "Can I open my present now?" Actually, Lucas and Piper already came half unwrapped, so all Luna had to do was squirt some whipped cream on their cocks and lick it off. And then fuck their cocks, of course. But with a lady like Luna, those things don't have to be explained. "I loved having their big, thick cocks in my mouth and pussy," a grateful Luna said. "Thank you for my birthday present!" You're very welcome, Luna.

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