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25 and 24 go into 63

Featuring: Jeremy Ace, Luna Azul, and Rocky
Date: August 5th, 2014
Photos: 52
"Someone once asked me, 'Luna, do you like young cock?'" said 63-year-old Luna Azul. "And I responded by saying, 'Does a bear shit in the woods?' Of course I love young cock. A woman my age appreciates a young, hard cock. So of course I love young cock. And I want some. But I'm thinking, 'What's better than one young cock?' How about two young cocks?" Hey, why not? Now, Luna has fucked two guys once before at But those guys were a bit older than the guys she's fucking here. So let's do the math. As we said, Luna is 63 years old. Rocky, the guy who's going to cum on her face, is 25 years old.

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July 16, 2015
Beautiful woman!!! Would love to see her on film again She's amazing to watch!!!
August 06, 2014
Luna is amazing...please next time I'd like to see her smoking...thanks..

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