Mandi Gets A Big Black Cock

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This week, we're bringing back Mandi McGraw , a 69-year-old wife from Tampa Bay, Florida. Mandi fucked for our cameras last week, and now she's doing it again. Why does she deserve an encore? We'll let her tell you.
'I'm so turned on by the hot black male,' she says. 'I can't get enough.'
Well, we're gonna find out here whether or not Mandi can get enough because the guy she's with, Castro, has a lot. A lot of cock, that is. It's long, it's thick, and if most women were confronted by a dick that size, they'd probably run in the other direction. But not Mandy. She sucks it. She fucks it. And she takes it up her ass.
So, to recap Mandy's credentials: She's our oldest MILF ever. She loves big, black cock. And she takes it in the ass. Every inch. And that's damn impressive.

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