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We're proud to introduce Patsy , a 64-year-old housewife who was born in Worcestershire, UK and moved to the United States about 12 years ago. Her husband describes her as a 'homemaker extraordinaire,' and there's a good reason for that. 'He thinks I'm attractive around the house,' Patsy said in her sexy British accent. 'I don't think it's because of my skills at housework. He likes that I wear so little around the house.' This is Patsy 's worldwide nude modeling debut, and we think it's a great one, partly because Patsy is so attractive, partly because she has such a nice little body (a real fuck toy's body) and partly because of her pussy. If you like gaping pussies, you're gonna love Patsy 's love tunnel. 'I'm excited,' she said. 'I'm a bit worried that nobody will find me attractive, but that's modesty, and it's not false modesty. It's how I feel sometimes.' Well, she definitely shouldn't feel that way. Patsy is as sexy as a woman can be. For the record, Patsy is a long-distance runner and is training to run her second marathon (her first was the Chicago Marathon in 2008). She enjoys watching tennis and golf. She describes herself as 'a very keen cook.' She's a mother. She's a grandmother. 'I think some people I know would be shocked to see me here and others would be secretly jealous,' she said. 'I have decided if someone I know finds out, I will simply explain that my friends encouraged me and I enjoy posing and having my photograph taken.'

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