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Big, Black Cock For A 70Something MILF!
Featuring: Sandra Ann
February 24th, 2010
"I'm a crotch watcher," says Sandra Ann, a 75-year-old divorcee from California who's breaking the age barrier this week. "The first thing I look at is a guy's crotch. But then I always look at the eyes. I love eye contact."
In these photos, the only eye contact Sandra Ann really makes is with the big, black cock that she completely engulfs, then takes deep in her pussy. It's a pussy that's been getting a lot of action since she got divorced 18 years ago.
"I've had numerous threesomes, usually with a married couple," Sandra Ann said. "I love eating pussy and getting fucked. And I masturbate all the time. I use a dildo most of the time, one of two that I own. It never takes me more than a couple of minutes to have an orgasm."
We've already declared, in yesterday's video interview, that Sandra Ann might be the great cock-sucker ever, and now we're ready to declare that Sandra Ann is the horniest 70something woman ever. Here's a woman who is simply in love with cock and cums in seconds.

What Members are saying about this update...

04/02/2010 8:12am
i love sandra
the grannies is my prefer
03/01/2010 2:50pm
She would look good doing dp I reckon
02/26/2010 2:20am
@DaveR-A gentleman doesn't go into details, so I will just say I know the lady and she is as hot, or even hotter, in the flesh as she is one film. In fact I am kicking myself for not trying to get her on here sooner. I actually told her to send in her pics to you guys, but someone else had beat me to it by a day or two.
02/25/2010 4:48pm
Sandra is one hot cock sucking slut. I'm pleased with all the new sluts
appearing on the site. Way to go Dave. Maybe you can have a newbies
cock-tail party for all the new sluts!!
02/25/2010 10:33am
Dave R. outstanding job on this update! Sandra is hot! Let's see Bea Cummins, Lin Boyde, and Suzy Woods with a big guy in the future!
Dave R.
02/25/2010 9:17am
nagyember65: Don't leave us hanging! Are you saying you got a blow job from Sandra Ann? Details, please!–Dave

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