Happy 60th Birthday, Summeran!

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Summeran Winters is 60! Yep, the star of the DVD 50Plus MILFs Anal Edition turned 60 on August 8, 1950, but we didn't have the chance to give her her present until she visited the studio yesterday, And what did we have for Summeran? Yes, a big, black cock...more specifically, Castro's big, black cock. A monster cock. So thick that when Summeran saw her present, she thought for a few seconds about returning it.
'I don't know if I can handle that!' said this divorcee from Wyoming.
Handle it? Heck, not only did we want Summeran to handle it, we wanted her to suck and fuck it, too.
'Okay, I'll try,' Summeran said. 'But when I asked for a black man to fuck for my 60th birthday, I didn't think his cock would be that big!'
Hey, Summeran, the big 6-0 comes along once in a lifetime. What did you think we were going to give you, flowers and candy?
So Summeran dressed up in her birthday best (don't you love the stockings?) and proceeded to unwrap her present. First, she got as much cock into her mouth as possible. And then, after Castro lubed up her pussy with plenty of spit, she prepared to stretch her 60-year-old pussy around the thickest cock it's ever had.
'I didn't think I could do it!' Summeran said afterwards. 'But I did it, and I loved it!'
Happy birthday, Summeran!

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