Introducing 60something Sydni Lane

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Meet Sydni Lane , a 61-year-old from South Florida who's showing off her nude body on-camera for the first time. Sydni is a sexy beauty, and when her test shots came across the editor's desk, his immediate reaction was, 'Yes!' But then our model recruiter said, 'She'll only pose solo.' So your editor said, 'Bring her in anyway! The guys will love her. And who knows...' 'Who knows?', meaning who knows, maybe she'll visit our studio, enjoy herself and decide to go hardcore. It's happened before. Will it happen with Sydni? We can only hope. But for now, let's enjoy Sydni. She's 5'7', 128-pounds. She has never been married. She's a massage therapist (let your mind wander for a while on that one). She enjoys figure skating and ballroom dancing. Her sexual fantasy? 'A father and son,' she said. So she definitely has a naughty side. She's had sex with women. She's into anal sex. She wants to pick up five men and have sex with all of them. A gangbang, in other words. What sexually satisfies you best, Sydni? 'When I squirt,' she said. So here's the schedule: Photos today, video next week. And after that? Stay tuned!

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