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Sex Advice From A 74-Year-Old Cougar

Featuring: Hattie
Date: April 29th, 2011
Duration: 14:22
Hattie shows Dr. Ruth how sex advice is done in this exclusive video, filmed just for members by a 74-year-old cougar who calls herself an "holistic sex coach." Hey, we don't know what holistic means, but we do know what sex means. In Part 1 of this video, Hattie offers advice on how to make a woman happy. Compliment her, says Hattie. In other words, don't call her "bitch," "whore" or "slut." Don't worry that you're not satisfying her. The woman is more worried that she's not satisfying you. One of the highlights of this video is that Hattie uses the word pussy a lot. "Women don't love their pussies as much as men love their dicks," Hattie tells us. Then she says "pussy" some more. Hattie tells you to tell your woman, "Honey, I want you to see me jerk off." Ask her, "Do you want my finger up your ass?" Don't worry.

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January 12, 2018
I need to see more of her!
July 16, 2017
Hattie HAS to do a scene with SCORE! PLEASE!!! she would be a massive hit!!! She is sexy and beautiful. Please bring her back for a scene where she sucks 2 over-sized white, veiny, uncut cocks or fuck some 2 young studs :)) she would be a massive hit !!!
May 23, 2017
February 27, 2017
Why dont you bring Hattie back ??? Love to see her in a threesome with young studs too !!
February 24, 2017
Yip I also love to see more of Hattie. I want to see Hattie in hardcore action too. It will be awsome to see Hattie in GB hardcore scene with young white studs. It has been 6 years now.... Yes bring Hattie back !!!!
August 24, 2016
Yeah indeed! Love to see more of Hattie. Such a goodlooking granny.Bring Hattie please back !Wannee see more hardcore Hattie scenes FMM or threesome or GB!!!!
Would love to see Hattie get it on with a younger white guys with multiple facial happy endings indeed :))
Yes, that would be F*cking awesome.
This would be a very hot and amazing videos. Bring Hattie please back ! It's been 5 years....

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