A mouthful for Bea

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A mouthful for Bea

"Are you ready for your massage?" Bea says as she climbs on top of her guy, who's lying face-down. Big mistake. He's missing a great view of this 69-year-old in a bullet bra and stockings. But he'll see it soon enough.

Bea rubs his body. She's getting horny. She wants his muscle. His big muscle. And she's going to get it. She turns him over and rubs his thighs. Then she rubs his cock. Then she takes it into her mouth. Then she lies down and has him tea-bag her. Very hot, a classy 69-year-old like Bea getting tea-bagged then fed cock. It's the kind of thing you'd expect from a porn slut, not a mature MILF/GILF/wife. Then he feeds his cock into her pussy, and we get to see all of Bea's body, including her legs and shorn feet. And when he cums, he cums in her mouth. Yep, Bea gets a mouthful of cum. Read More »

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Featuring: Bea Cummins and Carlos Rios
Date: August 9th, 2012
Duration: 22:14

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Love seeing Bea suck cock.
5 years ago 
love to be her slave husband clean her out, love how the young horny bull bucks her
5 years ago 
Bea is especially hot as she goes for another ride on Carlos' gorgeous hard cock. Before the ride begins though Bea engages in some hot cock-worshipping as she ultimately leans her head over the bed so she can be throated. Carlos then makes Bea cum several times the first after a rigorous finger-fucking with a lot of spanking and deep-dicking mixed in. An obviously exhausted Bea notes that "my pussy is so wet." Then she jacks Carlos's load into her open mouth and like a good cum whore cleans up nicely.
6 years ago 
Any guy who isn't turned by Bea had better check his pulse to see if he has one.
8 years ago 
Bea has an educated left hand. She gets Carlos to cum without him having to "take a hand in it". That's pretty rare. The guys who appear in these porn flicks must NEVER cum too early, so a lot of them can't cum at all unless they're jacking themselves off. Bea's got the magic touch!
8 years ago 
very sexy horny Lady in a very sexy horny Outfit. Thats women should be dressed for sex. Fantastic.
8 years ago 
love u bea
8 years ago 
There always seems to be great chemistry between Bea and Carlos with Bea never failing to elicit a rock hard performance from the man. How about setting up a smoking hot anal encounter between the two. Fans of Bea would love it as would Bea and Carlos. I would put my money on it being a cheek-parting back door delight.
10 years ago 
The setup was delicious. Having her eye his cock after she has him flip over is highly erotic. The bra removal scene was also quite good. Unfortunately the pantie removal was botched being filmed at the wrong end. Overall an excellent older woman/younger guy sex video.
10 years ago 
She has the loveliest natural breasts one is likely to see on a woman her again. Pretty face, hair and a soothing, sexy voice. She looks spectacular in doggie position because of her milky white skin. My only problem with her is the awful tat across her beltline. A major turnoff. I have never been able to get around it. This is her best video by far. Nice set up. Great missionary scene with her legs in the air. An even better doggie style scene. Good choice leaving the heels and garter belt on.
10 years ago 
Another scene with johnny or a younger guy would be cool
11 years ago 
Bea is still amazing and so beautiful. She looks as good as ever. Its a very sensual scene and she did wonderful job at it. The CIM was amazing, I hope to see more facials of her in the future.
11 years ago 
Bea Cummings never fails to bring beauty, sensuality and intense energy to her performances. I suspect there is an erection epidemic every time she appears on this site. Her latest video was no exception to that rule, but if a little more imagination had gone into creating the scenario for that video, I believe her performance could have been even more appealing. Bea is a visual delight with a very sexy and seductive personality. I just wish more of that had been put on display in this presentation prior to the heavy explicit sex.

A perfect example of the approach I like can be seen in the latest Erica Lauren feature on 50 Plus MILFs. Over 4 minutes of her video are used to showcase Erica before the hard core action begins and, to me, that really enhances the erotic intensity of the feature.

These comments are by no means intended as a criticism of Bea’s video since it is always a pleasure to see her on the 60 Plus MILFs website. They are simply being forwarded as constructive suggestions for future consideration. Thanks for all the great entertainment
11 years ago 
yep just as I thought ! No different to the last 10 updates or
movies where the cougars at pretty well tamed,,YAwnnn
11 years ago 
wow! one of the best videos in a while
11 years ago 
Would be better if there were any hardcore titty fucking.
11 years ago 
Great example of why this site is a waste of money.
All about the guy nothing about Bea. A guy with painted
toe-nails and all he does is get sucked and stick it!
Any normal guy would eat Bea from toes to nose!

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