Deanna Bentley, Mid-Western Cream Pie Slut

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Deanna Bentley, Mid-Western Cream Pie Slut

When this scene opens, DeAnna Bentley, a 4'11" divorcee from Ohio, is wearing sexy lingerie with stockings and fuck-me pumps. The look on her face says, "I'm a slut and I want to fuck." In this case, you can tell a book by its cover.
"I'm gonna play with a big, hard cock, and it's going to give me a cream pie for you to enjoy," she says. "So take your cock out. Make it nice and hard, and pretend you're giving me a cream pie. Make sure you take it out and stroke it and keep stroking it until you can't take it anymore."
When her stud shows up, DeAnna takes his cock out, bends over and sucks it. She sucks it slowly and lovingly, occasionally looking into the camera, probably to make sure we're still stroking our cocks, which we are, and it's hard to believe that she's not a porn star, but she's not. She's just a horny woman from Ohio. She goes hands-free, wrapping her red-lipsticked slut mouth around our stud's dick, gripping it with her well-trained mouth muscles, then she takes her… Read More »
Featuring: DeAnna Bentley and John Strange
Date: December 16th, 2010
Duration: 20:45

Member Comments

2 years ago 

too bad only 1 scene ,hope to see more

4 years ago 

She's incredibly hot. Love her slutty look. The way her saggy tits are hanging out turned me on a lot. Too bad she only did one scene.

9 years ago 

Wow. Sexy women in sexy stockings in sexy highheels. More, much more of her please. Weel done great Scene.

10 years ago 

More Deanna please ASAP! How about some outside stuff or
kitchen scenes. I'd love to see Deanna get plowed in the
garden after taking off a pair of tight shorts and tied-up
button-down shirt and gardening gloves. How about a pool
scene? I know she could pull off a bikini but how about a
sexy one piece, something a more modest older woman might
which would make it even hotter when the stud got her peeled
out of it?

Just some thoughts.

10 years ago 

I had the real pleasure of spending a day with Deanna in her home city, as she toured me around ..... she's one very hot lady, but very sexy and classy. Hoping for all her fans, she makes more movies.

12 years ago 

WOW! Need more of her.Can not ask for a whole lot more in a

13 years ago 


13 years ago 

Let's she if she can take Lucas anally!

13 years ago 

What a little firecracker. Love the hose and heels. More of her would be fine with me.

13 years ago 


13 years ago 

ya know, a Lin Boyle return may be called for as well.

13 years ago 

She needs the Lucas treatment .

13 years ago 

Deanna is one hot lady. She looks even better than she did in her first video in 02/09.

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