Gabriella's booty call

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Gabriella's booty call

When this scene opens, Gabriella is on the phone. She's probably talking to some guy, a boyfriend, maybe. She asks him when he's going to be home. Meanwhile, she's having her pussy fingered by JMac, and you'd think her moans of pleasure would be giving her away.

"Everything's good," she tells him. "Everything's wonderful."

Damn right she's wonderful. She's a big-titted, 60-year-old redhead who's getting her shaved cunt fingered by a dude half her age. The dude turns her around so he can finger her from behind. Meanwhile, she's still on the phone.

"Do you want me to fix dinner?" she asks.

Finally, she gets off the phone and does what she wanted to do all along: suck and fuck cock.

Gabriella is from Kansas. She's divorced. She's a swinger and nudist. She has D-cup tits and a shaved pussy. She once had a five-guy gang bang. She once gave a much-younger friend a great graduation present: She fucked him in the parking lot of a restaurant.

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Featuring: Gabriella LaMay and J Mac
Date: November 13th, 2014
Duration: 18:36

Member Comments

5 months ago 
A wonderful scene between Gabriella and JMac. The logical progression would be a DP and anal, maybe for next time - - this would be sweet.
2 years ago 
Wanna see her in a garter belt and stockings. Maybe even a a nose ring at pierced belly button.
2 years ago 
Because of her porcelain skin and voluptuous figure Ms LaMay looks her absolute best completely naked except for heels. Although I saw no heels at any point in this video I found this to be is a very compelling cougar video. The blowjob scene with JMac standing while she goes down on him is a highlight. Ms LaMay is perfect for this type of video. Besides being beautiful she is an enthusiastic performer and knows how to work with the camera as well as her partner. More medium shots would have made this excellent video even moreso.
4 years ago 
One of the hottest cum-eaters on this site.
5 years ago 
like to have her as my wife
6 years ago 
Gabriella is one, very hot and sexy milf, indeed!!! She is a natural porn star!!!
6 years ago 
Bring her back
7 years ago 
I love her
8 years ago 
Bring her back
8 years ago 
I agree????
8 years ago 
She's definitely moving onto my fav's list. Liking her each and every time she appears. Would love to see her in some more shoots, maybe even a threesome or some interracial.

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