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"I wanna look at what I'm getting here," 67-year-old Lola Lee says to her stud, who's 40 years younger than her. Yeah, that's right: 40 years. He's young enough to be her grandson. Today, he's her fuck buddy.

As we said when the photos were posted, Lola is clearly the aggressor in this video, going after what she wants...and getting it. Something she didn't always do.

"I was one of those women who always sat there and waited for them to come to me, but in the swinging lifestyle, you have to be more outgoing and let it be known that 'I'm here and I'm horny!'" Lola said. "So I'll smile at a man, and if he was dancing, I'll get up there close to him, and if I really want him, I'll just go over and ask if he'd like to get together and do something, maybe go back to one of the little rooms. It's mostly a matter of gaining nerve and confidence, but I think it's that way with everyone who gets into the lifestyle, men and women."

In this video, the guy gets deep into Lola deep… Read More »

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Featuring: Lola Lee and Shaggy
Date: October 21st, 2010
Duration: 17:43

Member Comments

1 year ago 
@Lola Lee, Lola such a beautiful true woman you are
3 years ago 
Another classic lady who put the class in granny slut.
3 years ago 
Lola is missed. Love jacking to this granny.
4 years ago 
Lola is the ultimate grandma.
4 years ago 
Truly one of a kind and will not be surpassed by anyone. Lola has the perfect granny body. She's a woman a man would be proud to take any where and that take home and fuck for hours. I would cream pie her every time unless she asked me to cum in her mouth. Then what man could refuse her anything?
5 years ago 
love it
9 years ago 
awesome tits wish i could cream up that pie only with some hair on top
10 years ago 
Bring back Lola
11 years ago 
A big winner with me. Neat outfit with garter belt and hose.
Would like to see the guys pay more attention to the girls.
Still going to ask for a solo or girl on girl. Lola is one I
would like to see solo.
11 years ago 
Lola babes, you are still the hottest chick on the planet. Love watching you perform. You are absolutely gorgeous. How about Georgette, Katia, Jewell and Lola together. Wow!
11 years ago 
Lola, you make me happy, you are wonderful dressed like that
12 years ago 
Hi Lola,

Marvellous, more of you dressed like that in girdle and nylon stockings, you are so sexy.
12 years ago 
Lola is fantastic mature woman, It's really good to see her in girdle and nylon stockings sucking and fucking.
12 years ago 
Every time Lola Lee appears on this site it is a spectacular event and I hope you will keep bringing her back. As other comments here suggest, there is a certain magic about her that is totally captivating. However, I’ve noticed that Lola has recently been given less elaborate story lines than some of the other ladies. This provides insufficient opportunity for what I like to call visual foreplay. In this latest video, the explicit action begins almost as soon as the scene opens. In contrast, for example, the opening scene of Jewel’s recent video even had a third person to set up the scenario. Many of us who are big fans of Lola particularly like her sexy personality which she has demonstrated throughout her career. I, for one, would like to see her in scenarios which would give her a better opportunity to display that personality in addition to her super hot lovemaking skills. I hope the people at 60 Plus will keep that in mind.
12 years ago 
I just wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful comments and encouragement. Believe me, it is my pleasure to do these videos and I do mean pleasure! Thanks to the Score Group for having me back again.

Again thanks, for all the comments!

12 years ago 
I miss the interviews. Any coming up??
12 years ago 
it would be the highest rated scene if lola and georgette parks did a 3some together
12 years ago 
Lola gets better with each movie. Love it.
12 years ago 
What have you done she just ready to kiss him right on his mouth and stick her tongue in site, then you cut the scene?? You do this all the time leave it in please.
I like to be kissed before I get fuckt, that's the way I wanted. I'm curious if there are more of you out there who subscrive my point of view?
12 years ago 
Lola ur so dam cute you are my favret girl on this site you are cute all over ur
face ur body ur butt ur face ur boobs ur sweet pussy thanks honeyur just
fucking hot all over ur to die for drop dead sweet
12 years ago 
Beautiful, sexy Lola. Always great. Have been a fan since her first days on SC. Keep bringing her back.
12 years ago 
Ride, Lola, ride! Great video. As much as i loved the creampied snatch her tits are looking ripe and ready for a couple huge loads as well

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