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Ride Sally's ass

Featuring: Sally D'Angelo and Rocky
Date: May 1st, 2014
Duration: 23:38
Sally D'Angelo recently turned 60, so Rocky brings her a birthday cake. Then he brings her his cock. Sally blows out the candle, then she blows his dick. "I'm still as naughty as I've always been," Sally said. Naughtier, actually, because this is Sally's first anal video. "I'm a little nervous, but I think I'll be fine," Sally said. Of course, she had already taken Rocky's cock up her tight ass for the photo set, but there's a little more energy, a little more thrusting, involved with a video. But Sally takes every inch of Rocky's dick and squeals as it plunders her asshole. We asked Sally if she watched any of her previous scenes, which were for "Absolutely!" Sally said as she rubbed her pussy.

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April 05, 2015
Sally is so amazingly tight and muscular. Even her face is more muscle than fat. When she's squeezing the guy's dick you can see her gluteus muscles flexing. Her abs just ripple with muscle. And her legs get a real workout when she's on top. Her partners have it easy--she does most of the work, and never seems to run out of breath unless she's giving head!
June 13, 2014
what a naughty mouth ...i love it :) the girl can get your
cock hard just talking hot
June 04, 2014
Sally you are so super sexy and turn me on so many much. But why you not wear stockings or even pantyhose. Hope to see much much more of you and hear your sexy trashtalk too.
May 10, 2014
Super hot!!! Please have Sally and 2 black men in a DP please!!
May 06, 2014
mmmmmmm i knew you could do it, amazingly HOT
May 05, 2014
to answer your question........HELL YEAH i want to fuck a
black man....bring him on anytime :)

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