Summeran's Birthday Party Continues...In Her Ass!

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Summeran's Birthday Party Continues...In Her Ass!

Summeran Winters, who turned 60 on August 8th, opens this video by telling us, "It's my 60th birthday, and I'm very happy that The SCORE Group has invited me to celebrate with them, and I asked for the biggest, blackest cock."

Now, as all of you probably know, on Tuesday, Summeran celebrated her 60th by taking Castro's monster cock in her mouth and pussy. She didn't think she could take it, but she could. Now, some of you probably don't know that we don't simply take photos while a video is being shot. We shoot two separate scenes. Well, having taken Castro's cock in her pussy on Tuesday, Summeran wanted something different for this scene.

"I want his cock in my ass," she said.

"Are you sure?" we asked her.

"Definitely. I think I can take it even better in my ass than I did in my pussy."

The proof is in the video. Starting at about the seven-minute mark and for the next 15 minutes, Summeran's asshole gets stretched to the limit and pounded in numerous positions.… Read More »

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Date: August 19th, 2010
Duration: 22:07

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Summereran's one HOT gilf. She's enjoying the Hell out of CS huge pecker. He's a butt-fucking expert. Sometimes the asses he fucks have pussy's...Sometimes they have peckers. Either way, he enjoys fucking them.
2 years ago 
Oh god! Please more Summeran
3 years ago 
5 years ago 
It gets me so hard seeing such a sexy old lady taking such a big cock in her ass. What a lucky guy.
5 years ago 
Summeran's 60th is the birthday party with great gifts for the fans of anal. I like the stats of this video: 22:04 long, cock entering ass at 7:58 (after some ass fingering), cock leaves ass at 20:30. That's 12:32 of solid ass fucking. BTW: Cock in pussy time 0:00. Amazing!
6 years ago 
yes yes awesome birthday sex scene here
6 years ago 
Fantastic - that's the way to deal with such a lovely lady's bottom! Also loved the proper wrinkled nylons and those wonderfully swingy tits - yum yum yum!
7 years ago 
It was ok, it would have been really nice if there were close-up shots of her gaping asshole. One of the best things about "big cock anal sex" is showing the asshole damage as it occurs. It just makes all these video less satisfying and has me looking for a new website when this subscription expires.
8 years ago 
happy anal summeran. nice video
9 years ago 
What a great anal scene, no pussy at all.. fantastic, with a long doggy position. Summeran is very beautiful and genuine. she really enjoys it as we can hear the sounds of pain and pleasure. that guy is really lucky to be inside her. big x Summeran
10 years ago 
Summeran is as hot as ever castro sure is lucky
10 years ago 
Summeran has nice saggy tits (on the bigger side but very nice) and a gorgeous face. She gives a great blowjob and positions her butt upward very well during doggy-style. The male actor is the best on the site. His rhythm is perfect. 5 out of 5.
10 years ago 
This is the best scene I have seen in a month!!! If you can't do anal scenes every time at least do it every other update. I like Baz's idea except have them both suck Castro or Lucas dick after it comes out of the other one's ass!!
10 years ago 
How about Summeran and Georgette with Castro, plenty of fucking, then Georgette can suck Castro's cock after he has fucked Summeran up the ass.
10 years ago 
ken: If the model is 50-50, she goes on If she's 60 or over, she goes on Of course, you have access to both, so nothing has really changed. We're maintaining our same update and posting schedule.–Dave
10 years ago 
Great Job! This was HOT! What's happening with the 50Pus updates?
10 years ago 
Happy Birthday Summeran! Looks like you had quite the party! You look amazingly sexy at 60, keep it up!

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