Look What Bea Brought Home From The Mall!

Look What Bea Brought Home From The Mall!

So Mr. Cummins is sitting at home, reading the daily gazette, when his 67-year-old wife, Bea, comes home with a new friend in tow. Hey, look, it's Lucas Stone!

"Honey, look what I found!" Bea says, looking very sexy with her cleavage and long legs in a little purple dress. "Look what I brought home from the mall?"

"Who's this?" Mr. Cummins says, looking up from his paper, sounding kinda curmudgeonly but, hey, can you blame him?

"This is my friend Lucas," Bea says. "Isn't he sexy?"

"Sexy?" Mr. Cummins says. "Whaddya mean sexy? He could be about half your age?"

"I know," Bea says. "Isn't it great?"

"Great?" Mr. Cummins says as his wife drops to her knees in front of Lucas. "What are you doing?"

"I think I'm gonna suck his big cock?"

"Big cock? Bea, what are you doing?"

Now, in this situation, most husbands would flip out. As for Mr. Cummins (who, by the way, is Bea's real-life hubby), he doesn't seem to know quite how to react. Sit there and watch? Help out?

Eventually, he…
Date: December 28th, 2010
Duration: 50

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Yes, Would've been fun to see her hubby put it in her for DP. Better facial ending. Nice video and pics. We want tp see more of Bea :))) Like to see more gangbangs with Bea and some young white guys. :)
7 years ago 
Please have Bea back in a threesome with a girl. maybe lola lee or rita daniels
7 years ago 
Would've been fun to see her hubby put it in her for a
creampie. She's a sexy lady who know's how to dress. I dig
her heels, red lipstick, red nails, beautiful feet, face, and
so on. She's my dream lover. Bea, I'm horny for you!!
8 years ago 
Every time I see her she gets better . Can't get enough of her .
8 years ago 
I love seeing this gorgeous woman. She's one(main)reason I continue to join this site. Please continue bringing her back. Next time have a threesome of her, another woman and a man. Maybe her and Jewel.
8 years ago 
Yet another magnificient scene with Bea. Looking forward to seeing the video action of Bea putting Lucas through his paces.
8 years ago 
Please keep bringing Bea back.
8 years ago 
Bea never looked better. Keep bringing her back. Can't wait for the video.

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