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Marriage Counselor, Hard-on Creator

Featuring: Jewel and Lucas Stone
Date: October 5th, 2010
Photos: 53
Lucas and his young wife have a problem: He can't--ahem--perform. In bed, of course. She's young and attractive, so clearly she's not the problem..or is she? Couples counselor Jewel plans on getting to the heart of the problem. "In situations like this, it's usually best if I meet with the couple separately," Jewel says. "If you don't mind, I'll start with Lucas." Lucas's wife leaves the room, and that's when the truth comes out. Asked how long he's been having problems, Lucas says, "Well, to be honest, ever since we got married 10 years ago." "Ten years?" Jewel says. "You haven't had sex in 10 years?" "Well, we used to have sex, but the only way I could ever perform was by fantasizing." "Fantasizing?" "Yes. About older women." "Well, how old does a woman have to be to turn you on?" Jewel says. "About your age," Lucas says. "I think it's time we tested your theory," Jewel responds, shoving her tits in his face.

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November 13, 2012
I love to see your sexy silverfillings Jewel, Really Awesome!
November 21, 2011
Matures women 60+ makes me really very strong and hard cock for sex. They are the best!
December 29, 2010
I'm glad to finally see Jewell do a scene with a black guy!
October 21, 2010
What more can I say? You are more than a jewel. You are a dream come true!
October 07, 2010
when is chanel carrera going to get ago at lucas? i would like to see jewel,chanel and mrs butts team up with lucas.
October 07, 2010
how long are we to wait for the video . or is there even going to be a video. and by the way will katia be coming back

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