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Lexi, 64, Rita, 61, A Double-Donger And A 20-Year-Old

Date: August 23rd, 2011
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This is the story of a 61-year-old swinger/slut named Rita Daniels (she's the brunette) who convinced her 64-year-old friend/swinger/slut Lexi McCain (she's the blonde) to join her on It's also the story of a 20-year-old kid named Ivan who's a big fan of Rita's and heard she was coming back to When he heard the news, he prayed that he'd get the chance to fuck her on-camera. And his wishes were granted. So here, a 20-year-old is fucking two women who are both three times his age. Yep, only at Lexi told us the story of how she and Rita got together. "We're both in relationships and we're swingers, and Rita and her significant other contacted us on a swingers website. And when they came from New York to visit us in South Florida, that's how we met." Rita, Lexi and their significant others in one house together for one hot, sweaty, sex-filled week in the Tropics. Can you imagine.

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December 16, 2011
Nice video! Let's see each one of these ladies solo with this young 20 year old guy. Let's watch them work him over by themselves.
November 03, 2011
ideal combo Lexi and Rita - bring on additionally Deanna and Carrie and 8 black
blokes for a gang bang
August 29, 2011
I saw the video first as I was bracing for Irene, but when I saw the photos of Rita
and Lexi I knew I was in the eye of the storm. These girls rock! Let's roll them
over and over again!!!!!!
August 28, 2011
Hot... just got EVEN HOTTER !

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