Experience Comes With Cumming

Experience Comes With Cumming

A guy is standing at the copy machine in his office when his 60-year-old boss Luna, wearing a tight, button-down top and a tighter skirt, spies him.

"What are you copying?" she interrupts.

"Just some pictures," he says, clearly flustered.

"It is company material?" she asks.


"Well, let me see." Luna takes a look...and it's a picture of her, taken under a desk, her legs parted, her pussy exposed. "Where did you get this picture?" Luna demands. "How did this happen? This is not a good thing for you."

"There's a rumor going around that you're don't wear any panties and you have a piercing down below," he says.

"And did you start that rumor?" Luna asks. The guy thinks he's in deep shit, but Luna is turned on. "You know what?" she says. "I think you're kind of hot. Would you say I'm a cougar? Maybe a MILF? Even a GILF? 'Cause I think you should explore and find out whether I have a piercing."

"Right here? In the copy room?"

Right there. In the copy room. And it turns out to be a very good thing for both of them.
Featuring: Luna Azul and Tony D'Sergio
Date: July 26th, 2011
Photos: 47

Member Comments

11 years ago 

so freaking hot! Bring us some more Luna Azul! Shes the best!! Love her!!

12 years ago 

the nylons look super sexy.

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